About Me & Beyond Quarter Life

PatrickStandingAre you ready to stop merely surviving and start thriving in your life?

I’m Patrick Johnson and I am on a mission to help frustrated twenty-somethings through their quarter life crisis.

I want you to tear up the stereotypical life blueprint handed down by society and instead find your purpose; to begin living a life that is happy and inspiring. I want you to overcome or avoid the struggles of a quarter life crisis and to THRIVE beyond it!

Beyond Quarter Life focuses on getting in tune with your authentic self, realizing you don’t need to accept what other’s think, and starting to live the AMAZING life you want for yourself.

In 2010 I was at the lowest I’d ever been. I felt like I’d failed as an adult and I was overburdened by student loan debt to the point that I thought I would default. One weekend it all got to me – I broke down and spent the weekend in a dark room by myself… just DRAINED, 100% emotionally drained. It all came out that weekend, the tears, the stress, and the frustrations. I emptied the pool.

Once I was done I had two choices…

1.) Stay down, or;

2.) Pick myself up and change my life

I chose the latter. I got my finances in order; I changed my mindset and began focusing on the things that mattered to ME in life, not what the media, my parents, my teachers growing up, etc. told me mattered. That was the turning point in my life… when I conquered my quarter life crisis.

And that’s how I got here… I went through this battle for years and as I told my story I found out I wasn’t the only person with these fears, doubts and stresses. I realized… man my story and experiences could help others. What am I doing? I need to get this out there.

With that realization, Beyond Quarter Life was born. It is a place that helps people deal with all the change and turmoil that comes after graduation; when real life begins and you don’t have a formal “blueprint” anymore. All you have is what your parents and the media tell you should be done to be a “real adult”. It was an overwhelming experience to me and I know I’m not the only one.

Why do this? Because of the power of the authentic self. After my turning point I began to focus on me. Trying to be what others told me to be had led me to that dark room in 2010. So I said goodbye to that person and now I am the true and authentic me!

Who am I? I am a geek; yeah I’ll say it here. If I come across someone with a Star Wars bumper sticker, I’m honking my horn. I even call one of my mentors my Jedi Master. That’s just who I am and I’m proud of it. For ten years I was told “You can’t be a geek”. Geeks are X, Y and Z… and that’s BAD! So I hid from my passions I tried to get into other “normal” passions for high school kids or college students… but none stuck. I just became frustrated and more and more unhappy.

That’s what we explore here… being yourself. Living YOUR life, taking everything life has to offer and putting it through your own filter… not society’s. I am EXCITED to experience this journey with you. Welcome to Beyond Quarter Life… your new life awaits.