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My name is Patrick Johnson and I am a passionate individual with a strong desire to help twenty-somethings overcome their Quarter Life Crisis. To allow them to live THEIR life to the fullest, achieving all of their dreams and to do so by being the authentic version of themselves.

Today’s quote of the week comes from American novelist, poet and playwright Gertrude Stein who said: Let me listen to me and not to them. Short, sweet and to the point this quote resonates with the base message I started Beyond Quarter Life in my first blog post, which focused on the typical life blueprint or […]

For those of you who know me, I proudly wear the mantle and title of being a Geek! When I sit and reflect on what that means to me, how it has defined me? I come to realize that being a geek can teach you some of the best life lessons imaginable… for FREE.  Welllll […]

We are all pushed everyday. We are either pushed by external forces (bosses, spouses, peer groups, etc.) or by internal forces (our beliefs, morals, boundaries, etc.) These forces tend to define our world and decide the world in which we live. If you are a citizen of the United States that does not sound like […]

How do you share your story with the world? An intensely personal question, without doubt, but one I struggle with regularly. 2015 has been a crazy year from unexpected surgeries, a falling out with a close friend, brutal weather and most importantly my search for purpose. All of the things I mentioned above brought about […]