This week’s quote of the week comes from William Daniel’s character Mr. Feeny in the final episode of Boy Meets World who said…

Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do Good

Since I first heard that quote it became one of my life mantras. It instantly resonated with me and seared itself upon my heart.

Until recently though I never truly understood why, in the past year or so though I have really come to understand what that quote represents to me personally. It relates to my purpose in this world which is to help people find out who they truly are and allow them to dream.

The pursuit of that is me going after my dream. I won’t always be perfect, in all likelihood I’ll be far from it. But that’s ok…

As long as I believe in myself… As long as I dream… As long as I try… As long as I do good along the way… something magical will happen.

The wording and choices of that phrase. “Believe in yourselves. Dream Try. Do Good” is very important

It’s saying that first and foremost you have to believe in yourself. Doubt has no place within your mind or within you heart. Without that belief of self… your dreams will be hard to come by.

Then you have to dream. Be unafraid to think and feel with your heart and dream. It can be whatever you want it to be. It doesn’t have to make sense to anybody else but you…

Just DREAM! Dream what you want from this world, what you want from this life, what you want from any and every facet of your world.

And then TRY. Don’t just dream of it and not do it. You have to try… you have to just go for it. Do whatever you can to turn that dream into a reality.

It doesn’t matter if you fail or if you succeed it matters that you are pursuing your dreams.

And then he says “Do Good.” Not do well… not referencing the fact that if you try to go after your dreams you should do it well. But he is saying do good… be kind to others, be kind to yourself. Put good out into the world as you pursue that which matters most to you.

That’s why this quote is so powerful to me. It’s ALL about the best pieces of life. Your dreams, your pursuit of your dreams and doing good in this world as you’re pursuing them and really just taking the most important things and making them every part of your day.

If you do that, if you can harness that power… the power contained within yourself… you will most certainly change the world!

Do Good

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