When you set upon the path less traveled you are bound to face criticism, people are going to make comments and people who don’t understand very well may attack you. 


It’s probably one of the hardest parts about going after your dreams . . . of pursuing your purpose. That criticism is what can send you back to the median… send you back to being average and following the script the world wants you to follow.

Is that script you?

In your heart is doing what you’ve been trained to do really what you should be doing? The answer is HELL NO!

In no way, shape or form should you conform to what is expected of you.

Instead go out and EXCEED expectations. Set your dreams so high and lofty that you don’t have time to be afraid, you don’t have time to listen to other’s criticism. If someone doesn’t understand you, if someone criticizes you it is because you are doing what they are afraid to do.

This world is full of average. Have you ever heard of the term ‘Keeping up with the Joneses”? The Joneses are the average. When you keep up with them, you are agreeing to be no different than anyone else.

If there is one thing I’ve found when talking with twenty-somethings is that you are all different. In each and every person who has opened up to me on a deep level, I see this unbelievable spark of pure awesome. This spark that is unique to JUST them. Yet too many of you keep your spark dampered, shuttered or hidden from view.


Because that spark doesn’t fit with how the world “works” . . .

How the world “works”. . .

how the world “works”. . .

The world works alright, it works at keeping us where we don’t belong. It works at keeping us away from our life purpose. It works to keep us from being truly alive.

When you were a kid, now that was you! The real you, before you were trained by the education system, your friends, television, etc. to agree to this other paradigm. The paradigm that says the only way to get ahead is to work for 40 hours a week (who are we kidding it’s closer to 60), to get an education no matter what loans you have to take out, that you can retire with just a 401k, the only way to own a home is with a mortgage, etc. etc. This paradigm is built to strip away your individuality, to push you away from the true version of you.


Credit: flickr/12326606@N03


When you decide to show your spark and to go live your purpose, criticism will come. Don’t be afraid of it, ignore it! People who are living within the paradigm that you are escaping… they just don’t understand and it is human nature to reject and criticize what cannot be understood.

Instead maintain a deep faith in who you are and that what you are going for is right. Set your dreams higher than the moon. Dreams so large that no criticism can keep you from them.

I see your spark and I want to help you fan it until it is burning so bright and so hot the entire world has to take notice. So that it burns hot enough to fry to a crisp any fears, doubts or criticism that may come your way.

Credit: flickr/droidicus

Credit: flickr/droidicus

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