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What if your life was a giant game of monopoly? What if you went around day by day going from Mediterranean Avenue to St. Charles Place to Illinois Avenue wheeling and dealing and plain ole’ busting your ass to own that little slice of heaven known as Park Place. How would that make you feel? 

I don’t know about you but I’d be pretty pissed… my whole life, everything I’ve worked for or am working on is just a game?!?! What the hell are you talking about?

That’s how I feel though as I look back on my twenties. My life was being lived according to an intangible set of rules that if I played it right I would end up owning the board. So I put down my thimble, I rolled my dice and started down Mediterranean Avenue. 

One thing that always frustrated me about Monopoly was that it was LONG. Games seemed to never end and somehow, someway I’d always get screwed out of either the final Train spot OR being able to get a monopoly on any of the properties. It was frustrating as all hell and so were my twenties.

The life I was living, the life you are living is just a giant game of Monopoly. We work to pass go and collect our $200… try to avoid paying taxes… every once and awhile take a chance and never bemoan some Free Parking. The rules were laid out for us before we even began. Our parents and our schools taught us how to play. Graduation meant it was time to pick our piece, put it on the board and begint he game.

Is any of this resonating with you? Frustrating you? How does it feel? For me it makes me want to stand up, let out a scream of frustration and reclaim my life back. It’s MY LIFE DAMN IT, why am I playing it by these inane rules?!?

The truth is that was my life, frustrated, annoyed, not even knowing WHO I was anymore. I was just playing the game, consumed with attaining the mirage of “success” that was given to me all my life. Just trying to check off all those stereotypical boxes for success

[] Do well in school
[] Go to a good college
[] Get a good job
[] Buy a house
[] Work for 40 to 50 years
[] Then retire so I can finally enjoy my life.

When you lose yourself, you lose everything; your happiness, your contentment, your joy. The pieces of life that truly make you come alive. So many people I know have been obsessed with the real life version of Monopoly that we play that they have lost their girlfriends or husbands, they’ve lost their friends, they’ve lost their hobbies.

How do you lose your hobbies? It happens when you follow the rules of “the Game”. It is when you buy into the concept that “Chance” happens by drawing a card. I lost my hobbies when I was around 16 years old and I decided I was becoming an accountant and things went downhill from there.

Now if you’re still reading this you’re probably wondering where the point is. What is he getting at? Well here it is… the point of this entire blog is to highlight the fact that life shouldn’t be a game. There shouldn’t be rules on defining WHO you are and WHAT makes you successful.


The beauty of games is you can stop playing them. You don’t have to keep spending your time going around trying to achieve the goals and objectives that somebody else decided were the “best”. 

That’s why I am doing this grand mission of Beyond Quarter Life. So you can stop playing games with your life and instead LIVE your life. To go out and make up your own “rules” where the goals and objectives are actually your passions and your purpose. 

So that you can have an abundance of joy and happiness. So that you can be YOU!

Reflect upon your life as it stands right now. Look at what you are doing everyday and ask yourself…

REALLY and TRULY ask yourself, why am I doing what I am doing? What am I getting out of living life this way? 

When you have your answer, leave a comment or send me an e-mail at or post on the Beyond Quarter Life Facebook page. I’d love to hear from you and talk more about it!

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