Fleas, those annoying little creatures that can make your pet’s life an itchy hell, have one truly remarkable trait. They can jump 100x their own height, to put that it human terms it would mean that Lebron James would be able to jump 680 feet in the air. That’s an INSANE statistic.

Every single flea has that ability at birth. A few years ago scientists conducted an experiment where they took a small cardboard box, placed some microphones in it, put in a number of fleas and then closed the box.

The scientists immediately began listening and all they could hear was Thwack, Thwack, Thwack as the fleas jumped and smacked their heads into the top of the cardboard box. As time went on eventually the noises began to decrease. Once they stopped the scientists opened up the box expecting to find all of the fleas knocked unconscious.

What they found, surprised them. The fleas were still jumping as fast as ever but they had stopped jumping at there full capacity. They had capped themselves in order to conform to the reality of living in the box.

The fleas were capable of jumping 100x their height, they maintained all of that ability, but they consciously chose to NOT live up to their potential because they were put into a box. A decision they had no control over, it was a matter of survival to cease jumping at their full potential.

In life we are born with a beautiful set of abilities and gifts. They may not be as obvious as the fleas ability to jump 100x their height, but there are just as remarkable. As we grow up, even though we 100% retain our ability, we don’t 100% use it. 

Just like the fleas we’ve been put into boxes that cap our potential. Unlike the fleas we can make the choice to leave the box. It may take some hard work and making some really tough decision but you can take the CAP off of your life and LIVE it to the fullest extent of your gifts and talents.

The world needs more of YOU living a life of your own dreams and not subjugating yourself to the whims and desires of others. Don’t willingly accept the box life has placed you in to this point. 

Decide to ESCAPE it. RIP the cap off of YOU and let it shine for the whole world to see!


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