Today’s Quote of the Week comes from an anonymous source. It is also the official announcement of something very special to my heart.

It isn’t big to make others feel small

I selected this quote because growing up I was the victim of bullying. I was made to feel less than the person I was and it scarred me for life. Because of those experiences I am very sensitive to any activity that may cause another human to feel bullied. 

At the heart of it bullying stems from insecure people trying to bring others down to their level. It comes from a place of fear, judgment and at times hate.

Being judged by others and judging others can have a terrible effect on both yourself and others. It’s a terrible feeling.

Bullies bully because they aren’t loved… perhaps they themselves are bullied at home. It’s a vicious cycle that can run in families. It can cause innocent people to hurt themselves.

Having personally gone through years of bullying I can relate intimately with many of those emotions. Those experiences have influenced the adoption of my personal creed of “Be Love”

“Be Love” to me represents acceptance of others for WHO and WHAT they are, even if you may not agree with it. It means standing up for the good in people, even if you don’t understand the bad. It’s a mentality of kindness and love that should be showed everyday in the world to others and to yourself.

The phrase became an important part of who I am as a person about 18 months ago. Since then it has grown exponentially within my heart, to the point where I wanted a constant daily remember that I could see to “Be Love”

So a few weeks ago I went out and commissioned a company to make a “Be Love” wristband. A band I could wear everyday to remind me of my promise to myself and a band that I could bring to the world to spread a message of love, kindness and acceptance.

Be Love, anti-bullying, bullying awareness


So today I want to announce to the world that my “Be Love” wristbands are available for sale! It’s important to me to make an impact in the world and to spread a message of positivity, kindness and love. 

With how much bullying has affected me in my life, I wanted to do more than just sell a wristband… because of that for every “Be Love” wristband that is sold a portion of the sale will be contributed to the amazing charity, Stand For The Silent

Stand for the Silent works tirelessly to insure that the voices of the bullied are heard. They take steps every single day to help eradicate bullying from our schools. It’s a cause I deeply support!

If you believe in my message of “Be Love”… If you wish to help make a difference for the bullied in this world… please support my life mission of bringing more positivity and love into the world, and support Stand For The Silent’s mission to end bullying by purchasing a “Be Love” band today!

Let’s make a change in this world… a change that starts at our very core and spreads out to touch and affect everyone we meet by being love and accepting people for the wonderful and amazing people that they are!

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