Last night my favorite band, Yellowcard, was in town. I’m obsessed with this band and their music, pretty much every song, just speaks to me. They’ve been around for 15 years and there is hardly a week that goes by where I’m not listening to their albums. Suffice it to say I eagerly anticipate whenever they are touring and when I found out months ago they were coming to my city… I was on those tickets faster than Speedy Gonzalez. 


This was my 6th time seeing them live and every time they melt my face off with just a purely awesome show. Last night they didn’t disappoint. I got lost in the music and the noise and the atmosphere. One of my closest friends on the planet came in from California this week and went to the show with me. So everything was aligned for a good night, a good memory, a kick ass concert… all of that makes for one of life’s great “moments”.

What I have found from attending Yellowcard is this presence of self. Everything in my life focuses down to just that moment, with the band on stage, a friend by your side and your emotions being evoked by some of the greatest lyrics ever written (in my biased opinion!) When I attend these shows all my problems fade away, I don’t worry about waking up for work tomorrow, I don’t worry about my medical bills, my student loans, my family or any other issues going on in my life. 

All there was is me listening to the concert, fully present in what was happening in THAT moment. The feelings that make me feel alive RIGHT THEN. Its perfection, nothing else that has happened or will happen to you matters. You just have that very moment. THAT is what life needs to be about.

Living YOUR moments. Taking every single day and making sure you are doing or feeling something that makes everything else fade away. 

Now it’s easy to pinpoint concerts or the first kiss with your boyfriend or girlfriend, your child’s first steps, etc. as moments where everything else fades away. I use my concert as an easy example to show the feelings and emotions behind moments. 

The truth is that every single day, if you start to pay attention to it, you can find moments that make you come alive. If you can’t find them… you can start to make them! Take your passions, take your loved ones, take anything that really matters to you and incorporate it into your daily life. 

It doesn’t have to be a big grand gesture either. There is a great story Randy Pausch tells in his book, the Last Lecture. If you don’t know who Randy Pausch is he was a college professor who was dying from terminal cancer. He knew he only had a certain amount of time left to live and he dedicated it to spending it with his family, not worrying about trivial things (such as receiving the correct change), and spreading his message before he passed away.

In the book he told about a time when he was driving in his convertible, late stages in his cancer, and a song he loved came on so he just started belting it as loud as he could and rocking out, fully losing himself for those few minutes. He was by himself, not a single other soul around. As he was singing a friend of his happened to pass him and see him with this giant smile on his face, head bobbing to the music, wind blowing in his hair and enjoying his life to the fullest.

This friend knew that Randy was dying and when she saw got home she emailed him to tell him how amazing it was to see him so happy when he was facing so much adversity. Randy was really moved by this and yes his battle with cancer was a struggle and sometimes you have to put on a brave front. But this friend had caught him in what he called “an unguarded moment”  where she saw him as he is, a fun loving happy man, even in the face of terminal cancer. 

That’s the message I want you to take out of this post…


You never know what may come down the road, and what has happened in the past is gone. Focus on the moment and enjoy it. LIVE IT to the fullest.

Be Happy!

Be Love!


Life is too short for anything else!

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