This week’s quote of the week comes from Tuli Kupferberg, American beat poet and musician, who said 

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”

What this quote represents to me is our internal ability to create our very own reality. As human beings we are predisposition to be creatures of habit. These habits once created are central to the life patterns we tend to follow.

I am all for having habits, as long as they support and create good environments. The danger comes when a habit creates a pattern that create poor or frustrating environments and that is where this quote comes into play.

If you are feeling stuck, unsatisfied or just plain frustrated with where your life is and how it looks. Take time to examine the patterns you are repeating day in and day out, week in and week out, etc. Really focus on them and see which patterns support you and which ones are holding you back.

Old patterns yield old results

From there, take the bad patterns and decide to break them. Write down why they hold you back and what you can do to change the pattern. Once that occurs and you consistently begin executing your life in a different fashion the world in which you live will begin to alter itself.

You will find a different energy emanating from within you, your interactions with friends and family will be different and slowly but surely everything you see, hear and feel will be different.

Break your patterns… rebuild your world!

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