Do you feel frustrated? 

Are you going to work every day unhappy and leaving equally unhappy? When Sunday evening rolls around does your mind flood with worry and dread about everything you need to do at work the next day?

Are you secretly embarrassed that you have a good career, went to the right school, yet have this feeling of life uncertainty?  I’ve been there before.

I spent almost 3 years dreading my drive into the office.
Every. Single. Day.

Those years were some of the most tumultuous of my life.
It all came about because I listened to conventional wisdom and gave up on my own dreams.

I sacrificed a piece of myself to accomplish the goals society deemed “right”.

Everything you dreamt about as a kid is still within you, hibernating.
Your hopes, your dreams, the passionate vibrant self that you KNOW is inside you, is there waiting to wake up.


If you’re ready to create a new reality for yourself then keep on reading.


Let me introduce you to D.A.S.H.

D.A.S.H. is based around 4 core principles:

1.)   Dream
2.)   Action
3.)   Support
4.)   Happiness

D.A.S.H. is a program tailored to YOU!

Its focus, first and foremost, is to reconnect you with your true self and to activate your dreams from their dormant state into one of active reality.

Over a 2 month period I will work with you week in and week out to identify the key aspects of your life
that elicit true passion.

The aspects that make you feel truly alive. 

From there the discovery of your wildest dreams is sure to follow.
Once discovered, a plan or strategy will be put in place to help you immediately begin going after your dream.

I will provide constant support throughout the journey, guiding you and ensuring that you make significant strides.

I am 100% COMMITTED to you and the dreams that matter most to you. 

Lastly, and most importantly, by going through this process and incorporating all four principles of D.A.S.H. into your life, you will find a sense of self and find the one thing that is most important in this world.




Are you looking to achieve your dreams, take action, be supported and have an abundance of happiness… Take Action today!