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We all need to heal, this Friday I will be taking that term very literally as I recover from my first ever surgery. Last week I ended up in the hospital with a severe gallstone attack, I posted about it last Wednesday and since then my mind has been focused on healing. Not just physical […]

I has been 6 months since the launch of this website and as Beyond Quarter Life celebrates it first Christmas with all of you I want to take a quick moment at the beginning of this post to say thank you! You all have been a tremendous gift to me and I couldn’t have asked […]

If you love to fish, if it brings you peace and happiness . . . why don’t you fish? Last week my favorite musician, Garth Brooks, released his first new album in 14 years. Suffice it to say I’ve been listening to it non-stop for the past 8 days. There is a song on it […]

This week’s quote of the week comes from well-known blogger Danielle LaPorte who says Surprise your doubts with action. I really enjoy this quote because it directly addresses in a blunt, straight forward fashion how to kick doubts ass.  Take action! If you are hemming and hawing over an issue, listing out and reviewing the […]

Today I want to discuss the “typical blueprint” given to us for our lives; where everything is laid out for you.  It’s a life by design… but you are not the author.  The typical blueprint we are given for life is one of complacency.  It is doing what everyone has always done because that is how everyone has always done it.   […]