As many do, I was at a point in my life where I felt like I had completely plateaued. Always seeking to learn from those around me, I felt like I had reached a point where I wasn’t learning anything and it was frustrating. Meeting Patrick was not only serendipitous but truly a God send. Never have I grown to trust and become friends with someone so quickly. Never have I felt so loved by another person. Patrick has helped me realize that life is an uphill ride if you find it with yourself to make it one which has given me confidence in myself and my future plans. More importantly though, Patrick has increased my ability to love – love myself, add love to the world, and make those around me feel the love I create. It is incredibly empowering to know that wherever the future takes me, I will have a friend, mentor and confidant in my corner which is exactly what Patrick is and more. He knows how to lift me up when I’m feeling down, celebrate successes when I feel on top of the world and make every single day better through his constant positivity and sheer joy to be alive!

Meghan Pope

Patrick has been my mentor since 2010 and has helped me to navigate the challenges that follow when the easy steps in life end. His experience and transformations over time has inspired me and many others on how to change your mindset and achieve your dreams. As a mentor, he is great at listening, challenging you with the questions to clarify your own goals, and keeps you accountable to making these dreams a reality. His passion for life and living a dream is contagious enough to inspire you to keep up or make a change

Jon Lee

Patrick is an individual who will put you on the correct path. Working with Patrick he helped me see life in a new way and pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone. A lot of times in life you can feel "stuck" but he helps you identify your goals and passions to push you forward. Patrick's enthusiasm and love for life is contagious! Through his ability to communicate, motivate, and actually listen to what you have to say, he teaches you the most important lessons in life: be yourself, love yourself, and pursue your passion.

Ari Stoll

Patrick has a unique vision that allows objectivity in many situations, both personally and professionally. He helps you visualize your current situation through the perspective of an outsider, but he does this with love and care which makes the process motivating instead of daunting. His motivation and determination is unlike any I have ever seen before and you can see it in his coaching. His ability to lift others up while helping them to pursue their dreams and still balance his own is remarkable. Patrick is an unstoppable force of positivity that reminds you of what is truly important in life.

Devin Hacker

As a recent graduate (May 2014), I felt overwhelmed with the sense of fear for the future. Becoming comfortable with who you are and getting your financial stability in place are two things that I did not think I would be able to achieve in such a rapid time. Through his active listening, Patrick has given me the tools to understand how to budget for my future goals, no matter how near or far they may be. Now, I can work hard, play hard, and still have the time and money to help the people I love, and most importantly, love myself.

Dana Siska

Patrick put me on a path that pushed my boundaries and navigated me through my quarter-life crisis. His experiences, advice, insights, and positivity through his story have had such an impact on me, and my peers as well. When thinking about my goals and passions, Patrick asks the right questions and has effective solutions when I feel stuck. Patrick encourages me to step out of my comfort zone and into success at a young age. The enthusiasm I see and the inspiration I feel from Patrick Johnson is one that needs to be out in the world changing lives.

Jen Huynh