Today’s quote of the week comes from transformational speaker and life architect Jason Goldberg who said…

 The past and future are both concepts and NEITHER actually exist right now

The minute I heard Jason speak this quote it struck a chord with me and I immediately wrote it down. This quote contains within it a powerful message.

For most of my life and your life the decisions we make were based around one of two things. One, where we want to be in the future or two, what has happened to us in the past. Yet in this moment… neither exist, why do we give them so much power?

Personally, the past is a large influence on my life. For so long I let what had happened to me shrink my world and hamstring me. Letting it stop me from making decisions that I would have actually enjoyed.

I am a pretty quirky guy, all of my friends can attest to that. Due to that when I was in middle school I used to get made fun of for what I wore or how I acted. To the point where I never enjoyed being out in public settings for fear of being ridiculed or made fun of. Because of that I never went to a middle school dance, I blew off my junior prom and the only reason why I went to my senior prom was because my parent’s convinced me by saying if I don’t go I will regret it in the future.

Suffice it to say I missed out on some pivotal childhood memories but the bigger driver is that in college, a few years ago and even as recently as last year I always position myself so I don’t dance in public. This decision is influenced fully by my past… yet in this moment, today, the past does not exist.

Why give it that power of you? Why let what has happened decide what will happen? Conversely why let what may happen, decide what will happen? As you may have noticed the reason why I decided to go to senior prom was because future me might regret it. For the record, I don’t regret not going to prom, quite the opposite I wished I had never had gone due to all the drama that was associated with my senior prom… oy what a mess it was!

So take this quote and let it sit with you… think about the fact that your past or future should not define your present. All that exists is this moment. This decision, make sure when you decide you decide what is best for the You that is here today!

Past, Future, Right Now

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